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We have 40+ developers in our in-house facilities specially designed to Australasian standards to maintain the quality while keeping lower costs. We have been working with partners from Australasia and Europe for the past four years.

We are

OutSmart Hub

A software development team looking to partner with leading software companies in the Australasian market to provide exclusive access to our top development team.

Low cost, high quality

Proven formula based on internal development resources in New Zealand and Sri Lanka

Resources are in-house staff, based in our own facilities

Strong IP protection practices, backed by New Zealand legal standards

No direct presence, or intention to compete, in the Australian market (Commercial agreements can be arranged as required)

Hire Developers

We have a Large pool of development resources ready to start immediately

Senior Developer (Full-stack)

Starting from

Mobile Developers

Starting from

Frontend Developers

Starting from

Deals that works for you

Ability to choose partnership models that will suit your business model

Standard package

30-day commitment, best for short term development needs

Flexi Partner

60-day post-introductory commitment, with 30 days introductory

Star Partner

Long term partnerships with best rates


Stats & Facts

New Zealand - Sri Lanka Hybrid Model

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand with delivery centres in,

  • Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • Tallinn (Estonia)
  • Riga (Latvia)

OutSmart Hub provides dedicated, highly skilled development teams for local and foreign companies, supporting them fill their resource gaps.

By collaborating closely with clients, OutSmart Hub aims to enhance clients’ IT capacity to grow their business and become a long-term trusted partner. We have 40+ highly trained developers following best practice software development processes.

A point of difference is that we operate a hybrid approach using local Account Managers, Business Analysts, System Architects and QA engineers.

Be a Truly valued partner

OutSmart Hub is your best partner when looking to expand the capacity if your development teams. We provide highly skilled onshore/offshore agile developers who are experts in the technical domain to consistently deliver clean, quality code as well as dedicated and efficient to offers solutions for the problem you encounter.

Our team can capture your business requirements, carefully acknowledge the best technical solution, then code and deliver the software application/ requirements to solve your problems or make your ideas happen.

Quick Facts

New Zealand has


Tech sector firms in 2016



People (6% of the workforce)

The Tech sector contributed


to GDP

The top 200 exporters sold


Internationally in 2017
(8.5% increase from 2016)

Each 4% growth in productivity in the tech sector delivers an additional


to GDP

Sri Lanka has


Export revenue growth from IT industry



People (300+ companies)

Tech sector export revenue is Over



Sri Lanka's BPO cost is


Lower than other offshore destinations

Colombo is ranked among

Top 20

Emerging cities (Global Services Magazine)

Our Technologies

Stable Team With Agile Mindset and Long Term Commitment

Our core values roots from developers with an agile mindset and methodology.

We provide full developers with 2-11 years experience in the technologies below.


Global and Regional Rankings

Given below are some of the Global and Regional Rankings Sri Lanka has been bestowed with.

The Workforce

The IT workforce of Sri Lanka

The IT workforce of Sri Lanka which constitutes of all IT professionals working in the IT sector, Non-IT Sector and Government was 75,107 in 2013, etimated to be 82,854 with YOY growth of an average of 13% in 2014. The participation of females in the workforce also improved from 21% in 2009 to 29% in 2013 (Source: ICT Workforce Survey 2014)


In 2013, the share of employees with a degree or above increased to 63% which was an improvement in the qualifications profile of the ICT workforce


In 2013, IT professionals with 1-5 years experience were 67% and professionals with more than 5 years experience were 33%

Global Giants

Global Giants have already setup

London Stock Exchange Group acquired Millennium IT which operates in Malabe, Sri Lanka for their Trade Platform Software

Globally renowned Education IT specialist Pearson runs a 350 man R&D center at Orion City

HSBC runs a 2000+ Transaction Processing operation in Rajagiriya

Canadian IT company Navantis IT operates its offshore Development center in Sri Lanka

Globally known consultancy company Virtusa runs a 2000+ operation at Orion City

Gartner cool vendor CAMMS runs an offshore deve center in Sri Lanka

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